Sounds of Eudaemonia #1

Updating weekly, check out the initial edition of the ‘eudaemonia playlist.’

Featuring bands we love, whether they be old or new, we aim to compile an ultimate playlist of all of our favourite music.

Alongside legendary bands such as The Fall, Glaxo Babies and David Bowie, this  weeks highlighted new additions are:

April: “Open Mind” – One of our favourite new bands who are currently touring with Cabbage, their debut single ‘Open Mind’ is a sign of things to come.

Lighthouse: “Brown Bottle Flu” – They are newcomers to London’s massive music scene but rapidly amassing a loyal following.

Sisteray: “Who R Ya?” – Also part of London’s huge scene, they are soon to embark on a UK tour, their largest to date. Without a doubt worth checking out before they become huge!

Habitats: “Guilty Pleasure” – The grooviest song on the entire playlist, we have known Habitats for many years now and it is clear that their impressive sounds means they are onto something massive!

Check it out below, or on the spotify app.


‘eudaemonia’ focuses on all that is good in the modern music industry. Our content ranges between features, interviews and reviews from musicians both new and old.

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