Sounds of Eudaemonia #2

Updating weekly, check out the second edition of ‘Sounds of Eudaemonia.’ 

Featuring bands we love, whether they be old or new, we aim to compile an ultimate playlist of all of our favourite music.

This  weeks highlighted new additions are:

The Dunts – “Astroboy”: The Dunts are slowly amassing a relevant fan base with equally strong songs to match. Songs such as “Astroboy” epitomise their strong talent, check out our review of the song here: Single Review: The Dunts – “Astroboy”

The Shimmer Band – “Jacknife And The Death Call”: The Shimmer Band recently toured with Cabbage and are set to embark upon a headline tour of their own next month. Their latest single “Jacknife And The Death Call” is both intriguing and impressive, a true sign of form!

Alexandra Savior – “M.T.M.E.”: We are huge fans of the Portland born singer. Teaming up with Alex Turner, Savior has produced arguably one of the best debut albums of the year in “Belladonna of Sadness” which is to be released in April.

The Blinders – “Swine”: Featured in our ‘focus’ series, The Blinders are currently one of the country’s greatest talents. Check out our article on the band here: focus-3-the-blinders

Check out the playlist below, or via the spotify app!


‘eudaemonia’ focuses on all that is good in the modern music industry. Our content ranges between features, interviews and reviews from musicians both new and old.

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